lefkadafoodtours | Gastronomic and culinary experiences in Lefkada
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About Us

Lefkada island is mostly famous among visitors for its impressive beaches with the exotic deep blue color. Beyond this unique beauty, Lefkada has a great culinary mosaic to reveal that promises a memorable experience.

We are a passionate team that admires the cultural heritage and the traditional cuisine. With our guided tours you get the opportunity to discover another perspective of the island through a culinary glance that takes you into the heart of the local trademark. You will visit places that are well – known for their quality among locals and you will get to know old customs.

If you are a foodie lover you already know that every bite gives you a better understanding of your destination. Make sure that you not miss the chance to enrich your time on Lefkada with our unique gastronomic tours and explore the island through its food. Enjoy the company of small groups while listening to fascinating stories and spend your time like a local.

Check out our latest travelogue tours!

Join a hands – on cooking class and indulge your love for Greek cuisine.

Mon-Sun: 14:00 – 17:00
3h     65€...

Join this fascinating tour in the winery of ‘Lefkas Earth’ and enjoy your preferable wine in the area of the vineyards.

Mon-Sun 11:00 - 14:00
3h     35€...

Learn how to cook a meal with a local expert in the confidence of your own place!

Mon - Fri 10.30 - 14.00
3,5h     75€ ...